Best Things To Do In The Adirondacks

The Adirondacks is primarily a destination for outdoor enthusiasts; during the warmer months, Saranac Lake and Whiteface Mountain both offer plenty of options for hiking and boating. However, the area has a variety of attractions for tourists with certain interests. Families can enjoy learning about Adirondack animals at The Wild Center, while history fans will like visiting Fort Ticonderoga and John Brown Farm State Historic Site. Here are the best things you can do in the Adirondacks.


Whiteface Mountain (Lake placid)

Among the 46 Adirondack High Peaks, Whiteface is the fifth-highest mountain in New York. Together with Esther Mountain, another High Peak, Whiteface is frequently hiked. In contrast to other mountains, Whiteface Mountain has an excellent access road that ends just below the peak. The visitor’s area at the summit is reached after a brief journey through a mountain’s artificial passageway on your way to an elevator. Additionally, the parking area has a stairway that leads to the summit.

Saranac lake

There are no other towns like Saranac Lake. It’s setting in the Adirondacks’ mountains and lakes encourages visitors to create, play, unwind, and enjoy their time in a whole new way. Everywhere you turn, you can find adventure and breathtaking scenery. Visit Lake Colby in a day for ice fishing or go on a trek from the city Centre. More than just its stunning waters, Saranac Lake is an extremely popular Adirondack resort. From families to couples looking for a romantic holiday to outdoor lovers, there is something for everyone.

Fort Ticonderoga 

On Lake Champlain, Fort Ticonderoga was once a crucial hub during the Indian and French War and the Revolutionary War. Fort Ticonderoga was restored as a living museum, complete with barracks, kitchens, cannons, and an exquisitely kept garden, following a meticulous renovation process in the 20th century.

The fort now serves as a recognized national landmark and holds daily tours, exhibits, and battle reenactments. Recent visitors particularly praised the historical ambiance of Fort Ticonderoga, saying that the reenactments and presentations made it simple to imagine what it’s like to be a soldier there.

Lake George

Lake George Area is blessed every year with mounds of snow, streams that sparkle with a layer of thick ice, and the solitude of the Adirondack woodland. Winter activities are made possible by the biting cold and blowing snow. At Winter Carnivals held all around the region, people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the richness of winter. In January and February, large blocks of ice are chiseled and sculpted into ice bars, which serve as the inspiration for amazing get-togethers. Or if you stay at the hotel you can do arts and crafts as we have plenty of stencils and paint to make whatever you want.

Many hotels around Lake George are still open to welcome visitors looking for relaxation and pleasure. Numerous miles of freshly groomed tracks may be found at ski resorts in the Lake George area. Trails for snowshoeing, frozen lakes, and snowmobile lanes are just waiting to be discovered and conquered.

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